Kvatha Churna

Kvatha churna are compounded coarse powders which are intended for usage whenever a particular type of decoction is required. (These kvatha churna are not to be used as churma).

The decoctions prepared are of different types depending upon the final volume of decoction. 60 gms. of the Kvatha churna are boiled in 800 ml. water until the decoction is reduced to 2, 4, 1/8 or 1/16th of the original volume ie 120 ml. The decoction thus prepared should be made use of within twenty four hours after it has cooled. If stored for a longer time, fungal contamination will occur.


Equipment required

1. The drugs cleaned and dried.

2. Mortar and pestle.

3. Trays for drying.

Process of preparation

The drugs that are to go into the composition of particular kvatha churna are taken and cleaned. They are periecuy dried and powdered separately and then mixed. The powders should be coarse. When the decoction is prepared, the vessel should be kept open to allow the water vapours to escape.

Pounding the drugs in a mortar until coarsely powde red is sufficient because the Kvatha churna should not be a fine powder. If the powder be very fine, the decoction is not easily filtered into a clear liquid; this is due to the fine particles, passing through the filter. In large scale preparation of kvatha churna, electrically driven disintegrators are used.


The kvatha churna keep good for about an year, if protected from moisture and insect attack. The kvatha churna should be packed in good glass jars which will not allow the entry of insects or in similar plastic polythene bags and sealed. These packets are again enclosed in card board boxes.


The required concentration of decoction should be prepared fom these and used within a day.



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